Secrets to Making Your Small Snacks Business Successful

Starting a small business, no matter the type, can be difficult. You have to run every aspect of it and there are always obstacles that come up that you probably didn’t predict. If your specialty is design or baking, you all of a sudden are thrown into needing to be an accountant and a HR director and advertising firm all at once. That can be enough to drive everyone crazy. On top of that, the actual day to day operations present challenges that you have to overcome so you don’t waste money and resources. If you have a small snacks business, like banana stand, or chocolate covered popcorn, or anything like that, you know that issues arise that you had not foreseen.


So you’ve made snacks all your life and you’ve decided to start making a living at them – you’ll notice that you are making quantities that you were not accustomed to making when you were simply making the snacks as gifts or for your own consumption. Obviously leftovers have to be saved so that you don’t throw away perfectly good product every single day. You may think Tupperware is the move, but even that can allow the product to go bad and be unable to be sold the next day. Really the best thing to do is get a heat sealer and really make sure the product is safely sealed where no air can touch it at all. This small investment, and it really doesn’t cost that much at a place like The DIY Outlet, will save your product and you money that will really add up.


A Facebook Page is extremely important in this day and age. It’s a free way to advertise and get people interested in your product. Post delicious pictures, let people tag your company when they come to your shop, and watch your customer base expand. You don’t want to rely solely on the Facebook page for your advertising – that is a common mistake – however, you do want to make sure you have one. These days, people seem to go to Facebook even before hitting the wide open world wide web when trying to find a business. You’ll definitely want a website, but you’ll also need to make sure you have a social media presence. Instagram, too.


Free Samples are still an important way to get your snack out there. Go to a bunch of fairs and flea markets and hand out free samples of your snack, making sure to have a business card that shows the location of your actual brick and mortar store and your online presence. If your food is really good, people will notice and remember it and crave it. Remember, business will be slow at first but hopefully you’ll get the name out and the business will pick up. Giving the product away is only a part of the process in having that happen, so don’t worry if you don’t see immediate results.


The Mesmerizing Beauty of Little Wilshire Heights Home



Yes, we talk a lot about Lakewood Elementary and how amazing it is, thanks to a very active parent group, the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA. But let’s not forget that there are other great elementary schools in this area, including Stonewall Jackson Elementary.

This is an amazing, trend-setting campus that started its own educational garden before they were de rigeur. And surrounding this great elementary campus are some super cute neighborhoods, including Wilshire Heights. This lovely area is bounded by Mockingbird Lane on the north, Abrams road on the east, and Skillman on the west. It has great walkability and density without losing that close-knit neighborhood feel. On one of the through streets you’ll find 6346 Anita, a superb little traditional with some really fabulous updates. It’s listed by Randi Rummer of TexHomes Realty for $309,900.


Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Amenities for Homes of Any Size


You don’t have to have a luxury home to enjoy the same amenities as one. These most desired and popular amenities for larger homes selling for $500k or more can just as easily be incorporated into the bathrooms and kitchens of near any size home, according to a research survey reported in the September 2013 issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News: With proper thought and consideration, these “luxury” kitchen and bathroom amenities can be incorporated into any size home.


Add a Little Romance to Your Landscape With a Bluestone Patio


If you enjoy lots of color in your garden, consider making an informal seating area with bluestone, and then planting hydrangea, purple roses or delphinium. The blue color of these flowers will bring out the natural hues in the stone and accentuate it very nicely. For even more contrast, consider adding blue cushions to your chairs, or plant Japanese forest grass in vivid blue containers that are placed at strategic locations.


Choosing the Best Gazebo | Make the Most of Your Backyard Landscape


You only have so much backyard space, so don’t squander it on any old structure. Do you really need a tool shed? Is that empty space next to the tree serving any purpose? What about a place for entertaining? To really maximize the use of your landscape consider getting a gazebo. These outdoor shelters come in a variety of styles and sizes, and provide shade and shelter while still allowing the gentle summer breezes to cool you off. As you’re brainstorming some backyard landscape design ideas, here are some things to consider with gazebos.


Follow this Kitchen Remodeling Advice To Avoid Unwanted Stress


Don’t get caught up in the emotional roller coaster of remodeling a kitchen. If you stop to take time to consider all your options (especially cost) you won’t end up regretting your project when then final cabinet is put up and the last appliance is installed.According to a recently completed study by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), many homeowners who recently completed a kitchen remodeling project, be it a minor improvement or full-scale remodel, indicated a notable tone of regret over the project and decisions made. “Once a project is completed, there is a sizable number of homeowners who wished they had sprung for better cabinets or higher-end appliances.?, according to Executive Director Brenda Ryan of RICKI?


Finding the Best Used Furniture


Finding great used furniture takes some digging – yard sales, consignment stores, antique malls, and more. Some items aren’t worth the trip home, so before you plunk you’re your money, consider some tips on what makes a smart buy in used furniture.Each item has qualities that make them unworthy; pine is not a sturdy structural material, nor is mesh. Experts from highbeam.com say, “sound furniture frames can and have been constructed with staples as the sole load bearing fasteners.” But do you really want to take the chance, although staple joints are common in plywood/particle board construction?


Decorating with Black and White


The beauty of white and black is that it adapts to just about any design style and works in every room in the house. It can look simultaneously glamorous when paired with gold and lucite furniture and decor. Alternatively, simple and calming with woods and cozy textiles.